How much ml disinfectant do you need to apply to a surface to disinfect or kill viruses?

How much ml disinfectant do you need to apply to a surface to disinfect or kill viruses?

MAX Spray "Crystalusion Plus Water-Based" 10 days disinfection, while alternatives quickly evaporate. When alternative PT2 surface disinfectants evaporate their activity against viruses and bacteria ends.

A new innovative surface disinfectant, MAX Spray "Crystalusion Plus Water-Based", offers 10 days disinfection activity like a temporary semi-permanent coating. This means you only have to make the surface wet once. After 5 minutes it has been proven that the Corona virus and other enveloped viruses are killed. No need to re-apply for 10 days.


Regarding the alternative disinfectants:

1. Get the deactivation time: Normally, every disinfectant has a specified deactivation time to kill specific viruses or bacteria. Our advice: ask your supplier for the deactivation times!

2. Wet surface: Further to the theory, surface disinfectants only deactivate viruses and bacteria when they remain wet on the surface, before they evaporate.

3. Re-apply as long as wet surface equals the deactivation time: When the surface disinfectant evaporates sooner than the required deactivation time of a virus or bacteria, you need to re-apply the disinfectant for as many times as specified by the manufacturer. This is not always well documented by the manufacturer of the disinfectant.


Important note to all facility managers, cleaning services and authorities: Very often deactivation times are not known for disinfectants and the wet application is not well executed. For all advice, please contact us via [email protected] or via +32 3 295 51 66.


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