Portugal Sailing Team goes for GOLD at Rio 2016

Portugal Sailing Team goes for GOLD at Rio 2016

Team Jorge Lima / José Costa goes for GOLD at Rio 2016. Follow together with Safety Workwear Shop the preparations of the Portugal Sailing Team who are using Showa 310

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Jorge Lima formed recently a new Sailing Team with José Costa. During the 2014 World Championships in Santander this new team qualified for the Sailing Olympics by finishing in 5th position in the Men's 49er Class.

Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro

The Olympic Games of 2016 will be held in Brazil and in the world's famous Carnaval City, Rio de Janeiro. This is the summum for most sports ladies and gentlemen who want to crown themselves the best sport person during 4 years!

Rio 2016 is rapidly approaching. The dates are 5 until 21 August 2016. Only 500 days to go so the period of hard work and preparation has begun for most Olympics athletes. 

Follow Team Jorge Lima / José Costa goes for GOLD at Rio 2016

During this challenging time of preparations we will follow the Portuguese Sailing team. Team Jorge Lima / José Costa is a new team who have a good chance of winning gold.

Follow together with Safety Workwear Shop the road for GOLD at Rio 2016 for this great new team in Sailing. We also invite you to "Like" the Facebook page of Team Jorge Lima / José Costa: Facebook page of Team Lima-Costa .

In order to protect their hands against sunburn, rope abrasion an bumping impact while maintaining excellent grip Team Jorge Lima / José Costa chose to use Showa 310.

From 8 August 2016 onwards our sailors start the action in Rio 2016. Good luck guys!!

Belgian sailor Evi Van Acker goes for GOLD in Rio 2016 with Showa gloves

Evi Van Acker (and many other Olympic sailors) use during their succesful races SHOWA gloves supplied by Safety Workwear Shop.

From 8 August 2016 onwards our sailors start the action in Rio 2016. Good luck Evi and other sailing heroes!!


Protection by sailing gloves Showa 310 or Showa 330 or Showa 380

Hand protection experts recommend to sailors using work gloves from Showa that score better than the fashionable "standard" and expensive sailing gloves available in sailing shops for multiple reasons.

What are exactly the hazards sailing champions face? Sunburn is a threat when on open sea. When gripping on the ropes or on wood or metal parts there is always a risk of burning your hand palms by abrasion. Bumping or impacting your knuckles of other parts of your hands is another vital problem when actions are executed quickly.

Losing grip on ropes and surfaces is probably one of the most important issues to be tackled. Showa 310, 330 380 are sailor's best choice for gripping and protecting the hand, while sweat and sea water can still evaporate through the breathing liner.
Ben Aisle, 4 times Olympic Champion in Sailing, recommends the Showa 330 RE-GRIP glove that has a strong, comfortable grip, which as an Olympic sailor he needs to be able to rely on in tough sailing conditions.

Price indication for sailing gloves

In sailing shops simple sailing gloves cost easily over 10 euro while they can be thrown away after a few hours of sailing while Showa gloves are 10x more durable and only cost 2 - 5 euro per pair.

The more fashionable gloves cost easily 20 euro until 50 euro. These last slightly longer than the simple sailing gloves but still far shorter than the Showa gloves, while the Showa gloves provide real gripping and protection features.   

More information and order sailing gloves Showa 310, Showa 330 and Showa 380 

Showa 310 is the number one most flexible, durable and latex gripping glove. More information and ordering. 
Also available in black.

Showa 330 is called re-grip referring to the extra protection layer at the thumb where the rope and wood/metal of the boat cuts through the hand. This is the reinforced version of Showa 310. More information and ordering.

Showa 380 provides the best grip on wet and slippery surfaces while being the most comfortable lightweight and breathable glove. More information and ordering.

For a complete overview of all sailing gloves, click here.

Preparations of Team Lima - Costa !

11 februari

Team Lima - Costa arrives on Sardinia on its way to Cagliari for the better waves of the Meditterannean.

Back in Portugal training

After a week Sardinia Team Lima - Costa is back in Portugal for training on the beautiful coastline of Portugal. Many hours of fitness also belong to the routine! 

Palma training

Team Lima - Costa arrived together with the Showa 310 gloves in Palma de Mallorca for another action week. The wind is ideal and technical skills are perfectioned.
Good start of the week because we just received the great news that Portugal will host the European Championship of Sailing!

More information about the Olympic Games can be found on the website of Rio 2016:



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